Waking Up to a New Moon

New Moon Goals

As I am writing this post, it is a new moon.  I read yesterday that the time of a new moon is an especially good time to update your goals, set intentions and just start moving forward with doing some new things.  And, after I read that, I thought, How long has it been since I actually wrote down some goals?  Updated my vision board?  Just really considered what my dreams are for the future?   Well, I’ll tell you; it’s been a long freakin’ time!

Now, I don’t know if it’s “the corona” that has me off of my game, but I think it’s time to re-set.  And, apparently there is no better time for a re-set than on and around a new moon.  Makes perfect sense.

So, I got out one of my 50,000 journals I’ve bought over the years – OK, maybe I don’t have that many, but I buy multiples each year with the intention to write in them and never do, so I’ve accumulated a few for sure!  So, I got one out and started making a quick list off the top of my head of intentions I have for this fall.  I just decided to start there, because setting big sweeping long-range goals seemed very daunting.  I’m a bit out of practice.

Here’s basically what I wrote down:

  1. Start doing 30 minutes of dedicated exercise every day.  Now, I have a FitBit and try to walk more than 6000-7000 steps a day, but that’s just playing at exercise and I know it.  Time to set a goal and get serious.
  2. Make a weekly blog post. This one is so weird because I LOVE blogs and, of course, I have a blog.  I like to write and share with the world, but I haven’t made a new blog post (as you can see) in over a year.  OVER A YEAR!  What is up with that?
  3. Change my work schedule to have Tuesday afternoons off.  This is difficult, because I work full time.  And, changing my beliefs about that seems a bit scary to me.  I have put a lot of my worth onto my dedication to my work.  And, some of my feelings about that are changing.  I’ll start small on this one, because really it’s big beneath the surface of my life.
  4. Get the outside of our house painted. A new color.  A big change.  Painting the whole house black.  (It’s really going to ROCK!)
  5. Clean out our garage and shed and only save the things I love.  You can learn more about my new cleaning out philosophy by reading The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up by Marie Kondo.
  6. Get more serious about the book I’ve started writing by writing on it each week.   I’m starting with this once-a-week thing, because right now my writing is feast or famine.  I write and write and write for a couple of days, and then I don’t write for a month.  My short range goal is to work on it consistently – one afternoon a week.
  7. Rekindle my love of photography.  Take little photography journeys this Fall.  I have a new camera even!

So, these are my intentions.  I could burn a little sage tonight, light a candle and read them out loud if that helps – I’m certainly open to those new ideas as well.  Has it been a while since you put your intentions, goals and dreams down on paper?  It’s a new moon! It might be time!