At the Conclusion of the 3-Day Weekend

Demo DaySo, this is how the kitchen looks now at the CONCLUSION of the 3-day Memorial Day weekend.  This cabinet thing takes a LOT longer than you think when you are doing it all yourself!  It was kind of like camping . . . no water, no ice . . . well, except for the little bar sink on the island and the bag of ice in the freezer.  There was some cussing, but nothing like other projects we’ve tackled.

The next step?  Put the wood on the counter tops to provide the even, level surface preparing for the zinc sheets to arrive and put the sink back in.  We are also currently researching the best paint to use on the cabinets themselves.  I’ll keep you posted.

We completed exhausted Izabella during the process this weekend, but were so distracted we didn’t even tell her to get off the couch.

Izzy on the couch

The Kitchen Reno Begins in Earnest!

It seems like just yesterday that I proudly took these photos of our newly remodeled kitchen.  Turns out it was July of 2008!  Time once again to change things up.  Frankly, I’m surprised that I haven’t derailed earlier – my “design eye” changes only a little slower than the weather!  So, nearing the 8th anniversary of our last big renovation, we’re finally ready to bring our kitchen – our favorite room by far – into the new millennium!

My Pinterest board, Itchin’ For A New Kitchen, is full of ideas.  I’ve changed my mind on things many, many (OK, OK!) many times, but I’ve finally landed on “the look” I’m after.  Think Paris.  Think old.  Think blacks, wood, and old brass.  A far cry from this:IMG_0602.JPG

Oh, this was pretty . . . in a farmhouse way.  And, I LOVED it then!  After all, we live in a barn/farmhouse.  But, baby!  These times they are a changin’!  I want you to think black cabinets (simple, no “Z”s).  An old store counter for the island.  Old brass fixtures and the comfort of an old Paris Bistro.  Don’t worry if you are having trouble picturing it . . . it took me a long time to get it all put together in my head!

We cheated a bit and started on the pantry first.  So, really, the reno has been going on for a couple of weeks or so.  However, this long holiday weekend is completely devoted to cabinets.  Ted build the original ones, and he is building the new ones.  Basically we are just re-facing them.  Think dust.  Think cussing.  But they will be strong, REAL wood, and build with care and thought by him and him alone.  I love that.  So here is the pantry finished except for the floor being painted.

The PantryI

I didn’t have the foresight to take a picture of the before, but trust me, you aren’t missing a thing!  White wire shelving (like in closets) and just a LOT of junk.

Wish us luck!  I’ll keep you posted as to the progress!  Have a wonderful Memorial Day weekend in your neck of the woods!

The Little Things I Love


I was walking around the front of the house and out to the chicken coop last evening and, as I passed the front door, I stepped back to really take a look at our home. And, I fell in love all over again. I love the dark gray color with the white trim. I love the old red front door. I love the tall red brick chimney. And, I love the bright new American flag that greets every visitor. I am so thankful to live in my dream home. I know it is my dream home because if I saw a picture in a magazine of what I stood there looking at last evening, I’d tear it out and put it in my dream book!

It’s all the little things I love. And, when I say I love something, my real vibration is thankfulness. I totally equate the two. They say that all these little things are the fibers that make up the tapestry of life, and even though I don’t wax all that poetic, I know it’s true.

As my journey continued yesterday, my thoughts were how much I love the new/old/reclaimed white picket fence that Ted put around our blackberry patch; how much I love my beautiful spring garden; and how much I love my little chicken girls and their beautiful brown and white eggs. And, how much I love my sweet donkeys and how they call to me when they see me walking up to their corral . . . probably just because they know I’m going to give them a treat!

And, those little “love” moments extended into this morning. Feeling the bunnies sweet breath on my fingers when I feed them their vitamin treats each morning. How much I love getting in my Ford Explorer, Dora, and driving her to work. How I love being in downtown Rogers and smelling tortillas frying in the mornings walking from my car to the office.

I could go on and on you know! I used to keep a journal of all the things I could think of that I loved in that moment that I sat down to write. But, really, I found the process to be way too contrived. Now I just think about these things as they come to my mind. I think about what I love about things that I’m seeing or experiencing.

You could try this, too, you know! Remember, it’s all the little things. I love the blue color of that fabric. Or, I love the smell of leather when I open my brief case. Or, I love when I look in the mailbox and my favorite magazine has arrived. Just take time to recognize the things you love. You’ll soon find that you have so many you might not have any time to think of other things . . . especially if the other things don’t serve you well! That could be a very good thing! (Oh, and I love Martha Stewart for turning me on to thinking about the “Good Things”!)