I fell in love with a house yesterday!

It's Calling Me picI fell in love with a house yesterday. Well I say yesterday, but you know, I fell in love with that house years ago. After all, I drive by it multiple times a week. It’s right smack in downtown Rogers – right by the railroad tracks. It’s a 2-story beauty from 1885, and I’m in love. It’s for sale and has been for sale for about a year now. For some reason, yesterday, I paid attention and started the wheels churning about what I could do with that house. The trigger was when I found myself saying to Ted as we were driving by it, “If I won the lottery tomorrow, I’d buy that house and fix it up and open the first bed and breakfast in downtown Rogers! What?!   Where did THAT come from?!


But I’m telling you, as soon as I said those words, my whole word changed. I just couldn’t stop thinking about it. And so, I talked Ted into taking a walk around the property at lunch yesterday. It’s empty, so I wasn’t worried about bothering anyone. I just wanted to look in the windows. So, in typical Ted fashion, he walked right up to the front door and tried the knob. I’m sure you know what happened next. That door opened right up. Of course it did!


And then my eyes started watering, and they are watering now as I write this. My eyes water when my heart is wide open – when God is talking to me. And that, my friends, would be a mic-drop moment normally, but I have more to tell you.


Inside that house was so much potential. I could almost see it as it was 132 years ago. There was even an old dusty piano sitting alone in the front parlor and crystal chandeliers hanging in almost every room. There was a creepy basement, layers upon peeling layers of wallpapers, ship lap, and a beautiful banister winding up to the second floor. I couldn’t stop talking about everything we could DO with this house!


When I got back to the office, I looked up all of the historical information about the house. So, so, so, cool! And, I started fretting about the “how” of it all. We might not be in a financial situation to buy an old house in addition to the one we live in right now. That’s why the lottery comment earlier. However, I just feel this could happen. I don’t know how and I don’t know when, I just know it could happen. I KNOW it! For some reason I am called to this house. It’s already my house in my mind! I even locked the front door when we left, because it absolutely must have been an oversight to leave that house unlocked! Someone could vandalize it after all!


And, what do you suppose is in the attic? Oh my goodness! I’m calling my dad; I need an investor! Maybe he’d be game for this adventure!

Garden 2017 Begins!

Garden 2017 2I’m so ready for Spring, even though I didn’t get my snow again this winter.  Oh, I know!  Everyone else got GOBS of snow, and it missed us every time!  So today, we put that all behind us and start preparing GARDEN 2017 at Morter Farm.  Usually we wait until St. Patrick’s Day to put in the potatoes, but not this year!

Garden 2017We’ve been watching videos on YouTube, learning new ways to plant for bigger yields and LESS WEEDS!  Also, the no-till method of gardening.  So, Farmer Ted knifed in some gypsum and then spread manure across the top of the first half and raked it smooth.  He’ll do the same with the other half this weekend.

Garden 2017 3Izabella (the Labrador) absolutely LOVES helping with any project.  She also loves potatoes, and steals them regularly from the pantry.  She found the “mother load” here in the garden, and before I realized it we had some blank spots in the rows!   Oh well, perfection in a garden is a unicorn anyway!