Keep the water OUT of your boat!

So happy 2021 everyone!  And, although the world doesn’t really feel any different, I think I feel a little different.  I feel an excitement rising up inside of me that I haven’t felt in a while.  Because as hard as I tried to not let the proverbial water of COVID and politics and restrictions and separation get into my boat, it seeped in just the same.  And as they say, it’s not the water around the boat that sinks it; it’s the water that gets inside.

So, I’m starting to bail out that water.  And, how I am doing that is to sit down and start writing down my goals, to get quiet and set my word for the year, to calm down the “should” responses in my life, and to really create the life I choose to have every single day and not just for some day in the future.  The future is now, right?  It’s definitely time to really take the reins of my life and not keep handing them off to someone else.  What do I want?

Doing all of this is not easy, folks.  It takes work.  It takes practice. Just like with everything else that’s important in life, you must do the work through continued practice.  According to Bob Ross, yes, Bob Ross the painter who taught us all to oil paint on PBS back in the 70s, “Talent is a pursued interest.  Anything that you’re willing to practice, you can do.”  I love this.  I live by these words.

And so I will practice keeping the water out of my proverbial boat.  I will practice living in the moment.  I will practice taking time to listen to my heart and my body.  I will practice my faith.  Because here is the secret “they” don’t want you to know . . . it’s not a one and done deal.  You don’t just sit down and write out everything and then just go back to your everyday existence and wait for it all to just manifest.  Nope.  You practice every day.  That’s the work.  You create your life every single minute.

And, truth be told, some of those minutes in my life, I’ve been asleep at the wheel.  Now, with the New Year ahead, I’m awake again and ready to get busy.  What about you?  What are you doing?  I hope you are coming out of hibernation and dancing in the sun!