At the Conclusion of the 3-Day Weekend

Demo DaySo, this is how the kitchen looks now at the CONCLUSION of the 3-day Memorial Day weekend.  This cabinet thing takes a LOT longer than you think when you are doing it all yourself!  It was kind of like camping . . . no water, no ice . . . well, except for the little bar sink on the island and the bag of ice in the freezer.  There was some cussing, but nothing like other projects we’ve tackled.

The next step?  Put the wood on the counter tops to provide the even, level surface preparing for the zinc sheets to arrive and put the sink back in.  We are also currently researching the best paint to use on the cabinets themselves.  I’ll keep you posted.

We completed exhausted Izabella during the process this weekend, but were so distracted we didn’t even tell her to get off the couch.

Izzy on the couch

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