One Bite at a Time!


Izzy and her elephantHappy New Year everyone! We had a whirlwind holiday around here. We were very blessed to have the family together and I just enjoyed being with everyone, playing games, shopping, cooking, playing with my fur babies and even a little crafting. What I didn’t do? I didn’t take the time I usually do to clean out, re-organize and set new goals. I did a new day planner, mapping out all our events, but I haven’t taken a look at what I choose to bring into my life this year! And honestly, when I came back to work last Tuesday, I started to panic a bit about it. I felt instantly behind!  When I was catching up on blogs I follow, it seemed everyone else had taken the time to clean out, reorganize and write down their goals. Of course, just like with social media, only the best foot comes forward to read about and see! (I certainly had to take a breath and remind myself of that though!)

I think the pressure to get everything done for the holidays (that I put on myself mind you!) has lingered on into this new year. I’m realizing now that I need to just stop the crazy! There is no time limit on cleaning out, organizing and setting my goals. These things should be ongoing, not just something done the first week of January.


And that, my friends, is my epiphany for 2018! I tend to live my life in projects – everything starting with an idea, moving through a plan and then being completed. But, you know? I’m not sure everything is that cut and dry.

It’s a delicate balance though. You must take action and do the work in order to move forward toward your goals. And, you must keep moving forward. Many, many things you end up doing each day don’t propel you forward. The trick, I think, is to establish that balance of things you do for others and things you do for yourself. Both are vitally important to life. But too much for others (i.e. family, friends, work, household) and not enough for you (setting your goals, making your strategic plan, doing what you love, realizing your divine destiny) will derail your dreams.

So, if I need to do baby steps of cleaning out, organizing and goal setting in order to take the pressure off, but still keep moving forward? It’s OK! After all, how do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time!  Although, I wouldn’t eat an elephant.  They are much too cute!  But, you get the analogy I’m sure!

2 thoughts on “One Bite at a Time!

  1. Happy New Year to you too! Every year when I take down the Christmas decorations, I write myself a “note” and place it in a Christmas Tree Bauble (one that opens, my Mum bought it for me, I think it originally had some chocs in it) and place it in the decorations box….. On this note is 3 declarations… I date it and write something along the lines of “when I open this note up again, I will have <>, I will be <> etc etc… basically, it is 3 goals that I will have achieved by the time the decorations go back up the following year… I have done this for the last 3 years and each year I open up the decorations box, (always a little bit excited to see what has transpired from between me writing myself my note, as I rarely remember exactly what I wrote down), but hey presto! they are achieved! My subconscious is working hard at it all year! Looking forward to next years “note”…. Have a wonderful 2018 🙂


    • That is a WONDERFUL tradition! I LOVE it! So much more doable, and less pressure overall. I’m all for that! Thank you for sharing this bit of wisdom with me. Happy 2018 to you! May it be filled with health, happiness and success for you and yours!


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